Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Praise The LORD, o my soul and all that is within me
Praise His Holy Name...
Psalm 103 is one of the Psalms where one cannot find a trace of sadness, untouched by sorrow, pain nor unhappiness.
Praise flows like an unbroken stream.

So is my heart filled with Joy and Praises that God has given me a priviledge to work with all of you - Bratz- the young guns from Singapore. Tho Ive been discouraged from time to time, but it is true what E.G. White says in Desire of Ages, If only we could see the end from the beginning, we wudnt want God to lead us any other way.
And so it is with my life, Ive experienced the work of God thru His young ppl back when I was in Indonesia and Cooranbong. It is a Joy that I can witness it again, here in Balestier. I told Priscilla, just 2 days ago, I got no regrets coming to Balestier. This church may not be for everyone, it is like a refinery, where raw metals turn into precious jewels. Not many ppl can stand the 'heat' =)

I do understand one thing tho', that everyone has his/her own season. This season may not be your season,
season where u dont feel like getting involved and prefer to sit at the back watching things get by and waive at opportunites to make a difference ,but when it comes to your season, I hope u will make sure you leave your mark, actively involved, part-taking the joy of working your brain and stretch yr muscles out for the work that is layed out b4 you - Sharing the Good News while preparing to live in the new Earth.

One thing I may regret is the fact that I wasnt there listening the whole thing and seeing the smiles on those wrinkly faces of our Parents ( well maybe not for some of ours =P ) But maybe I was supposed to be in Penang, for I believe I have great testimony to share with you all about the Youth over there.

So to all my friends who hv supported and/or participated in the Youth-Sabbath programs, my pray is that you will let the lights you carry be burning bright, that you will reach new heights day by day, and stay faithful till He comes.

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to THANK YOU for your dedication and your great work. God Bless!


FYI - if weather permits, we will be having our Combined Youth Program @Botanical Garden
3 to 5pm (one-way transport provided)

There will be games and they involve running jumping crawling around, so wear something comfy,
but not too shaby. Oh, also wear Black Youth T-Shirt. If you dont have, wear the white one.
For you who wants Black T-Shirt, let me know! For new Bratz I have them prepared for you and come and get it from me this Saturday.

We are encouraged to mingle around with other youth, prolly we can go sundown there and have dinner together.

Tell and remind each other so they wont miss this - See you guys on Sabbath!

Message from Aunty Mae

Hey Bratz, aunty Mae sent this email for all you guys to read.

To the Blessed Balestier Youth Group,

God has chosen each of you to bless our lives this last Sabbath!Oh that Chiniah, Joe, Alan and others could have been there – their hearts would be so raised in praise for Jesus to bring up to Himself a Youth Group with such promise !

I could see it in the faces of so many in the congregation – glimpses of affirmation, even pride for their youth! I over-heard the quiet, but some rather excited hushed comments and soft laughter at the little slipped-out comments of Shannon during an inspired sermon filled with pertinent Bible texts that only God could have given him. Never before have I seen a longer and more mix of young and old, standing in line to hug and shake the hand and praise the Lord with the speaker of the hour! This is all God's doing when we consecrate our lives to Him. Seeing each of your smiling faces up there, we realized the answer to our prayers offered to God through the many years on your behalf ~ the unceasing prayers of every father, mother, father and church family is evident and you stand up there in witness of answered prayers!

This little email is written in Praise of God for His army of youth! It is prophesied that God's army of youth will move forward to finish the work! You are chosen! May you be encouraged to group even closer together …. to work together to let God polish each of you to witness together, so that God churches here in Singapore and across the causeway in Malaysia, AND wherever else God sends you will be blessed as we have been blessed by the Ministry of the Blessed Balestier Youth Group. (BBYG – Big in the name of the Lord)

In God's care and love,
Auntie Mae

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How REAL God is in Karen's life this Chinese New Year!

This Chinese new year, i came back with one purpose. That i can share as much about health and enthusiasm and knowledge about God with as many as possible. So wherever i went i prayed to God that i will be ready to be an instrument for Him. I prayed that God will send to me willing hearts to listen to His word through my mouth. nearing the end of my CNY I have to share with you how real God has been in answering my prayer.

my first encounter:
My auntie and litlle girl cousin came to my house to make pineapple tarts. they happen to come late and thus the pineapple tart making went to near sundown. I decided to lead sundown worship for my family. initially i intended to share with my family about the 144000 but then now that my non-christian relatives are around, i had reservations. I decided to whisper a prayer "Lord what should i do?" Suddenly it occured to me that this may be an opportunity that God has given me to share God with my aunt and cousin. I quickly searched the pink sophisticated looking book where i write down thoughts from group devotion or any sharing. I finally found two sharings. Both about angels. PRAISE THE LORD, in my sharing i could see the mesmerised and shinning eyes of my little cousin as she listened intently about Mrs white vision about angels. My aunt however got distracted a few times bc of the pineapple tarts being ready halfway through my sharing. (plus i HAD TO share in CHINESE!! and she found my malaysian chinese accent really funny!!! she actually burst out laughing twice!!) but i was really happy after i shared with them. At least i have planted a seed in their hearts. The next time i saw my auntie, she asked if i had some more things to share. *heart totally warmed up*

2nd encounter:
on monday, i had a visitation to my JC classmate's house and a number of my classmates were there. Again i prayed my daily prayer that i will be a good example and that i may be a shining light for Him. Once eveyone gathered, they mahjong table was pulled out. since i didn't wanna gamble or learn to gamble, although asked to a few times, i settled for uno stacko then this realli complicated board game that is like monopoly. then, very quickly many of my closer classmates wanted to leave alreadi. except for one mahjong table of people left. in my heart i was thinking, " i don't think its possible to share anything about God in this kind of situation" so i decided to take off with two of my closer girlfriends. but after putting on my shoes and seeing the hurry they were in, something told me that i wouldn't be able to share anything with them either. so i told them tht i decided to stay back and i went back into the house.and share a chair with one of the mahjong players. I alreadi gave up all hope of sharing with them about God. after a short while, a suggested that why not we eat now. then surprisingly they all took off to prepare to eat at the house. ( i expected them to be really hooked to the table). i scooped rice for everyone and the owner of the house(jolene) prepared the dishes. During the lunch suddenly, cumar ( a hindu) asked... (wait i go eat dinner) "is the seventh days adventist church the ones that say the catholics are the antichrist?" I WAS SO SHOCKED!!! I was like "HOW YOU KNOW!?!" then i explained to Him that we believe the papacy is the beast in revelations. I asked him where he got his info from he said that he was bored then he typed "christianity" in wikipedia. at this moment, then a few side conversations continues. then we stopped talking. i was asking God to give me wisdom. then cumar asked" so do you hate the USA?" DOUBLE SHOCK!! "HAHA! i don't hate them! but we believe that america is the one that is going to persecute us at the end of time. the church also, but we differentiate between the catholic church and the people in the church because there are good people in the catholic church and they may not know what is going on." After that the conversation shifts. Thank God for this opportunity to plant another seed.
3rd encounter:
My bestfriend constance.
i met constance for breakfast at macs. constance is my twin sister. She knows me through and through, and i her. (although she surprises me sometimes. or maybe more than sometimes)we met due to common interest in drama and we keep saying same words together at the same time and doing things simultaneously spontaneously. We became fast friends and are drawn to each other because of our love for God. As we were chatting and sharing our inner feelings, i dunno how it came to me introducing the most beautiful book to constance. "desire of ages" and later "christ object lessons". She was really interested in reading the book as well and surely if she reads it through she will gained ALOT of insights about Jesus and God. I truely hope that she will read it through and that the Holy Spirit will speak to her and that she will be blessed by the books, as i was.(you surely should read these two books if you haven't!)



Tuesday, February 20, 2007

regular prayer meetings :)

hey all :) i was pretty inspired about today's prayer session we had at karen's place and i thought we should make it regular!!

as you all know (or not know), pastor chan will be conducting regular tues/wed night prayer meetings/bible studies for the youth in church.. starting 6march, 7.30pm, pastor's office. this was decided only two sabbaths back.

but mean while, those who are unable to make it for the meeting, etc. or find it physically impossible to meet up with the rest midweek. i was thking that we can have CONFERENCE CALL PRAYER MEETINGS :) this is opened to all! meaning.. one person will take charge a week.. and inform everyone else when to call. then we can chat and take down prayer requests and pray over the phone :) then we can share our requests/burdens and support each other spiritually too :) we can start next week.

i'll be in-charge next week, and maybe the following weeks. let's make it next tuesday, 27 feb, 9pm :) so at about 9pm everyone can just call my handphone (get the no from me if u dun have it) and we'll have a conference call :) even if it's just two people on the phone, we still can pray. so dont have to worry about whether it's on or not, just call :) i'll be available aights? any changes i'll sms everyone or post here.

so next tues, my hp will be charged to full batt!! and i'll be awaiting your calls at 9pm :)