Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Praise The LORD, o my soul and all that is within me
Praise His Holy Name...
Psalm 103 is one of the Psalms where one cannot find a trace of sadness, untouched by sorrow, pain nor unhappiness.
Praise flows like an unbroken stream.

So is my heart filled with Joy and Praises that God has given me a priviledge to work with all of you - Bratz- the young guns from Singapore. Tho Ive been discouraged from time to time, but it is true what E.G. White says in Desire of Ages, If only we could see the end from the beginning, we wudnt want God to lead us any other way.
And so it is with my life, Ive experienced the work of God thru His young ppl back when I was in Indonesia and Cooranbong. It is a Joy that I can witness it again, here in Balestier. I told Priscilla, just 2 days ago, I got no regrets coming to Balestier. This church may not be for everyone, it is like a refinery, where raw metals turn into precious jewels. Not many ppl can stand the 'heat' =)

I do understand one thing tho', that everyone has his/her own season. This season may not be your season,
season where u dont feel like getting involved and prefer to sit at the back watching things get by and waive at opportunites to make a difference ,but when it comes to your season, I hope u will make sure you leave your mark, actively involved, part-taking the joy of working your brain and stretch yr muscles out for the work that is layed out b4 you - Sharing the Good News while preparing to live in the new Earth.

One thing I may regret is the fact that I wasnt there listening the whole thing and seeing the smiles on those wrinkly faces of our Parents ( well maybe not for some of ours =P ) But maybe I was supposed to be in Penang, for I believe I have great testimony to share with you all about the Youth over there.

So to all my friends who hv supported and/or participated in the Youth-Sabbath programs, my pray is that you will let the lights you carry be burning bright, that you will reach new heights day by day, and stay faithful till He comes.

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to THANK YOU for your dedication and your great work. God Bless!


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