Sunday, November 18, 2007

i hate titles, once again.

Allo allo, fellowship of the book.

having been at the meeting (briefly) and reading karen's post, here are some thoughts.

For the youth outings,
i think we need to hear from everyone where they want to go. start a poll, tell karen or anyone else where you'd like to go with the youth, and together we'll try to make it happen.

Here some ideas:

-East Coast Park
-Johor Bahru Day-Trip?
-Pulau Ubin?
-Night Cycling? (Alternatively we could inquire if we could join up with jurong, whom i'm helping out with their night cycling trips)

But my only reservation is that i dont think we should get funding from the church for our youth social projects, if you know what i mean. for social gatherings, expenses should be from our own pockets so as not to tax the church further.

same applies to outdoor sabbath, please do give suggestions on locations and activites etc.

oh and just an inquiry, Whats AY?

anyway, honestly, i'm actually quite excited about some afternoon programmes like the visitation. i remember how i kinda looked forward to going for visitation till evening, then dinner with everyone, and finally games. i think a good afternoon programme would kinda make our saturday afternoons more meaningful.

so heres a new year ahead of us, and lets do something productive with this year.but last but not least, i think that as much as we can brainstorm, think and plan, what we HAVE to do as a youth group is to MATERIALISE our plans. and it really isnt by sitting around and lamenting about how someone else isnt doing it, but helping each other out to get the job done and lets give Karen all the support she needs.

signing off,



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