Tuesday, February 20, 2007

regular prayer meetings :)

hey all :) i was pretty inspired about today's prayer session we had at karen's place and i thought we should make it regular!!

as you all know (or not know), pastor chan will be conducting regular tues/wed night prayer meetings/bible studies for the youth in church.. starting 6march, 7.30pm, pastor's office. this was decided only two sabbaths back.

but mean while, those who are unable to make it for the meeting, etc. or find it physically impossible to meet up with the rest midweek. i was thking that we can have CONFERENCE CALL PRAYER MEETINGS :) this is opened to all! meaning.. one person will take charge a week.. and inform everyone else when to call. then we can chat and take down prayer requests and pray over the phone :) then we can share our requests/burdens and support each other spiritually too :) we can start next week.

i'll be in-charge next week, and maybe the following weeks. let's make it next tuesday, 27 feb, 9pm :) so at about 9pm everyone can just call my handphone (get the no from me if u dun have it) and we'll have a conference call :) even if it's just two people on the phone, we still can pray. so dont have to worry about whether it's on or not, just call :) i'll be available aights? any changes i'll sms everyone or post here.

so next tues, my hp will be charged to full batt!! and i'll be awaiting your calls at 9pm :)


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