Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Message from Aunty Mae

Hey Bratz, aunty Mae sent this email for all you guys to read.

To the Blessed Balestier Youth Group,

God has chosen each of you to bless our lives this last Sabbath!Oh that Chiniah, Joe, Alan and others could have been there – their hearts would be so raised in praise for Jesus to bring up to Himself a Youth Group with such promise !

I could see it in the faces of so many in the congregation – glimpses of affirmation, even pride for their youth! I over-heard the quiet, but some rather excited hushed comments and soft laughter at the little slipped-out comments of Shannon during an inspired sermon filled with pertinent Bible texts that only God could have given him. Never before have I seen a longer and more mix of young and old, standing in line to hug and shake the hand and praise the Lord with the speaker of the hour! This is all God's doing when we consecrate our lives to Him. Seeing each of your smiling faces up there, we realized the answer to our prayers offered to God through the many years on your behalf ~ the unceasing prayers of every father, mother, father and church family is evident and you stand up there in witness of answered prayers!

This little email is written in Praise of God for His army of youth! It is prophesied that God's army of youth will move forward to finish the work! You are chosen! May you be encouraged to group even closer together …. to work together to let God polish each of you to witness together, so that God churches here in Singapore and across the causeway in Malaysia, AND wherever else God sends you will be blessed as we have been blessed by the Ministry of the Blessed Balestier Youth Group. (BBYG – Big in the name of the Lord)

In God's care and love,
Auntie Mae


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