Sunday, September 23, 2007

revival... no not that one.

Allo' Allo' my friends!

since no one has stepped up to revive this dying/dead/buried-6-foot-under blog, i decided to make a move.

as you know we are going to thailand at the end of the year, so heres a little something to keep in mind.

thailand's northern side, despite its cold is riddled with malaria and dengue. as such, we should take the necessary precautions and bring the following things:

1. mosquito net
2. repellant
3. mosquito coil

plus, i think we should all go on anti-malaria medication before we go on the trip as a preventive measure.

Attention leader/leaders, please advise us on the luggage cap. and other airport/immigration and travel details asap., thus ending this talk of speculation. lol.

and yes, before we do go ruralising ourselves, i think its about time we had a youth group outing. i say SENTOSA. whos with me?

now i'm thinking of a date between the 20th Nov and 2nd Dec.

please advise.

well thats all from your oh-so-friendly talking head.

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