Saturday, November 17, 2007

BRATZ 2008

Hi Guys!

Appreciate Sheena, Calvin, Jia Hong, Gerald, Jasmine, Kevin and Uncle Alan who came for the youth planning for 2008 yesterday.

Here are some of the proposals that have been brought up and considered for the meeting.

All these are subject to changes, please feel free to express any concerns on the tagboard by the 23 NOV, before i present it to the church board. (like too little money budgeted or some ideas need improvement etc.)


For Fellowship:

Youth outings - going out on a non-sabbath day for fun. 4 times a year with a budget of $50 each outing to subsidize our expenses.

Outdoor sabbath
- spending sabbath afternoons outside church.

Sabbath Lunch. - happening once in two months, we will to go a hospitable adult's house for lunch and chill out.

For Ministry

- Adult Sabbath school programme - asked to do 6 times next year. how many times do you think we can manage to do it?

- Visitation - to Mr Tan who cannot see and the Old folks home once a quarter.

- Kinokuniya – Literature evangelism for our youths to go to kino as promoters to promote adventist books being sold there. (if the authorities allow.)

- Wednesday night evangelistic meetings ushering
- being the ushers for the Daniel and Revelation seminar held by Pastor Chan on a rotation basis every wednesday night.

For discipleship:
- Sabbath afternoon programs – held by Pastor Chan (twice a month on alternate sabbaths)
- Thomson Balestier combined AY - Sundown (once a month)
- Thomson Balestier combined revival camp - projected to be either end of June or September holidays.

Sabbath afternoon programs

Topics (30mins to 1 hour)
Issues facing youths
• Premarital Sex
• Resolving conflicts
• How to say no to temptation
• How to manage finances
• How to break up
• How to choose a right partner
• How to study better and get good grades
• How to ask for a date

• How to read the bible effectively
• How to give bible study

Thomson Balestier combined AY
- happens once a month
- We take turns to host.
- every third session will be a combined hosting of AY.


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