Sunday, August 19, 2007

hey guys :)

just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for the amazing efforts yesterday at our very own fundraising event :) i cld really see everyone putting in their best efforts!

a big thank you to:
jeremy - coordinating the carwash without much of my nagging and allowing all the washes to go on smoothly without me worrying
caressa - for your efforts with the MILO DINO and for being so actively involved
pris & clair - for volunteering to stand outside the church to seduce unsuspecting old men to wash their cars! HAHA and pris for helping w the coupon counting and packing of tees!
karen - for making sure all the stall keepers come on time and making sure all went well :) the food sold out so fast!
jiahong - for taking over whilst i was gone and doing a good job at keeping track of everything!
gerald - for coming down although you're in the midst of your prelims!
ralph - for that lovely header HAHAHAHA
alden - for your driving ministry :)
jasmine & denise - for coming on time and helping out wherever you cld!
all the boys - for the hard work washing cars and having fun and adding so much joy and laughter :D

i hope i didnt miss anyone out but im really happy with yesterday's event and results and i'm sure God is pleased with the work too.

now that majority of the fundraising is over, we still have tshirts to sell to meet our target so lets continue working hard k ;) and PLEASE PAY ME $450 BY TUESDAY. i need to book tickets and we need to start planning our programme soon :)

do think about how you wanna contribute and what you would like to be i/c of for the project (vbs, etc) and we'll meet this sabbath to discuss everything in further detail :)

thank you everyone for the hard work, LOVEEEEEEEEE!

Monday, August 13, 2007