Sunday, November 11, 2007

kablah. i hate titles.

this is the second time i have to type this darned post so i'll keep it short.

Allo allo! my fellow friends from your not-so-favorite talking head.

2nd December (for those of you without a calendar or who have no clue how to access your desktop calendar, its a sunday doofus), lets have a beach outing to sentosa! being a sunday, no holds barred fun.

oh and also it could be a "recruitment drive" if you want, we could invite the older earliteens to join us. calm down ralph. we could invite CBD and other respective numerical referrences ;)

so whoever's in favour of this idea, say "I", "you" or "him/her/shim", depending on whether you like to talk in first person, second or third, and your gender orientation (or disorientation).

and keep your imaginary hands to yourself. sick perv. honestly.



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