Monday, December 18, 2006

This is my first post as and after my appointment as sheena's secretary.
We are carolling for genesis during lunching time on thursday so we will need to practise on wednesday and thursday.
We will have a post-practise activity on wednesday at Minds Cafe. Those who are not in choir but wants to join are welcomed.
The schedule is as follows:
Wednesday 20/12: 11-1pm-Choir Practice @ church music room
2-6pm -Minds Cafe Outing @ Prinsep Strt Minds Cafe
6-????-Dinner Out
Thursday 21/12: 930-1130-Choir Practice @ church music room
1230-130-Carolling @ Genesis (Lunch may be provided)
The standard uniform for choir is required for carolling.
Green shirt and white skirt for girls, white shirt red tie n black pants for guys.

PS:quek is being annoying and pointing out to correct my short forms and grammer.Oops, i mean boss.


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