Saturday, December 09, 2006

announcements announcements! :)

yay nice posts from karen and shannon :)

okay guys i shall use this blog as an AVENUE to make announcements so i kinda hope people actually read this, jiahong quick go publicise can?

minds cafe & shopping for youth camp logistics & choir prac
(with $20, RAHHH to tampu)
wednesday 13 dec
12pm at city hall, then we'll head to bras besar.
2pm at minds cafe (prinsep street) for those who are laaazy to go shopping. we're gonna play plenty of BOARD GAMES, yay. really fun!
7pm choir prac in church
a day out for us to spend much quality time with each other, awww. so far people going are pris, karen, daniel, jiahong, gerald. haha so sad for the working people shannon and tampu!
youth christmas carolling
dates TBA, gerald will confirm. either 20th or 23rd.
programme is as follows:
1. White Christmas? tentative
2. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (BIG CHOIR) unison/slight harmony acapella
3. When the Son of God was Born (Karen, Sheena, Daniel) SAB Minus One
4. O Little Town of Bethlehem (Karen, Sheena, Jia Hong, Calvin T, Daniel, Gerald) 4Part Acapella
5. Jingle Bells (BIG CHOIR) Unison/slight harmony Harmonica
6. What Child is This (Karen, Sheena) SA duet Piano
7. Silent Night (Jia Hong, Calvin T, Daniel, Gerald) 4Part Acapella
8. O Holy Night (BIG CHOIR) SATB Minus One
BIG CHOIR = lakshi karen priscilla sheena caressa gerald daniel calvinT calvinQ jiahong
for those who wanna put up your own items, or wanna join in just inform me or karen okay! :)
people on the list are CONFIRMED SINGING RIGHT? (except pris, only if its 20th right?) pls dont play tricks and pull out last min.
choir pracs for the BIG CHOIR (3 songs) will be done during youth camp!
small group practices, first one this wed 7pm - 9pm after minds cafe, aight?
okaaaaaay cant wait for youth camp :) ARE YOU EXCITED! :)
love, sheeeeeeeeena


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